The concept for the GLOBAL YOUTH CONFERENCE came into existence due to the urgent need of developing leadership in all spheres and fields for as a nation, we lag in the creation of Global Leaders. We firmly believe that there is a real need to prepare our youngsters for leadership from grass roots by enabling them with skills needed to consolidate India's place on the Global Stage.

Students in their daily routine do not have the opportunity to face the dynamic world that lies ahead of them as they are bogged down by classes and exams. The Global Youth Conference provides these students channels to explore other aspects of their personality.

GYC is the premier event for young students to understand and use core skills to solve problems of the world and of the country by giving them the foundation that will aid in fostering 21st century leaders.

THE Global Youth Conference is not just a one off event but rather an ecosystem of innovation and learning which will bring forth future leaders from different spheres. Our First edition of the Mumbai chapter- which is our maiden event -aspires to be one wherein students can enter our ecosystem and gain a value addition that will enhance their leadership skills, people skills, communication skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills. These crucial core skills can never be replaced by machines but rather becomes of extreme importance in the Age of Digitization! A good leader can never be replaced and our aspiration is to create the Next Era of Political, Social and Corporate Leaders to represent India on the Global Stage. Our motto has always been that leaders are not born but rather made through determination and perseverance and hopefully through the GLOBAL YOUTH CONFERENCE.

Join us as we embark on the journey of our lifetime with the first chapter of the Global Youth Conference in the Financial Centre of India.

Values Acquired

Values Acquired Through Participation in The GYC

  • Students learn to conduct authentic, intentional investigation and research.

  • They set their own meaningful goals and create a defined vision of their presentations.

  • They become aware of their own strengths and weaknesses and find ways to overcome their shortcomings.

  • They stay driven in areas of significant interest and passion. 

  • They become confident, independent and clear headed orators.

  • They develop patience and learn the value of opinions of teammates and adversaries.

  • They work with ethics and a strong team spirit.