Hack-A-Thon (UNCSTD)

The Hackathon (UNCSTD). Students will be given a platform to solve real life problems using what is called as DESIGN THINKING. The will be involved in a mini workshop where experts will teach them the elements of design and how it can be use to make prototypes to solve those global and local problems! In these two days students will develop CRITICAL thinking and Leadership skills!

Day 2 will see industry gurus judging and selecting winners!

Art For Change

Art is the pure and subconscious pouring of expression in a visual form that gives freedom and emotional release to the artist and speaks to art lovers in a language that transcends words.We have created a platform for student artists to explore the depth of their soul and express how they see changes in the world through our Art For Change Committee.

We call all artists to create original work in these 2 electrifying days at CP Goenka International School and we promise to showcase each worthy artist in an upcoming art exhibition in Mumbai under the aegis of Piramal Museum of Art.

World Health Organization

World Health Organization deals with important health issues across the globe and hence is crucial to the world community. Through this pivotal committee in the Global Youth Conference, we give students the opportunity to understand more about important health issues facing humanity as a whole so that we may create increased awareness amongst our youth. The World Health Organization committee encourages students to delve into issues that effect every single human on planet Earth!

The Gaming Zone

The Gaming Zone invites students to immerse themselves in the hands on challenge of creating their own games. The children will be provided with a mini workshop on game designing, origin of games, ancient games, elements of a game etc. They will then brainstorm on ideas and introspect on the aspects of creating a winning game. All materials will be provided and personal guidance and feedback will be given! More Details

Teacher Task Force- For Teachers

Teachers across grades and boards will participate in this committee. On day one, they will create resources to be shared with teachers of underprivileged schools across the country. On day 2 they will hold research and discussion on the theme provided regarding challenges in education and formulate a resolution.