In a unique and inspiring combination, TeachersHelpTeachers is partnering with us to present India’s First Teacher Task force much on the lines of UNESCOS Teacher Task force which will helm the crucial committee on the challenges faced by educators globally.

Teacher Task Force (The Agenda)

  • Right to education means –Right to a qualified Teacher

  • Teacher task force is the way for a united committee of Educators to research and propose solutions to problems/ challenges faced in Education.

  • The United Nation proposes to bridge the gap between teacher quantity and teacher quality by 2030

Teacher Task Force

The Teacher Task Force is based on the United Nation model and will help to achieve the following:

Participants will have taken stock of a broad spectrum of models of teacher training and innovations from all regions and shared practices on new trends in teacher education and CPD.

Participants will have developed collaboration and networking in order to promote further research and advocacy at the national, regional, and global levels.

Participants will have made recommendations on how to improve teacher education which is one of the main goal of SGD

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